Offshore Company Formation in Liechtenstein

Artha Trust is a trust company in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Over the years, the trustee has emerged as one of the leading trust companies, due to the comprehensive and broad service for its clients with regard to offshore company formation in Liechtenstein. Since its foundation, Artha Trust has supported clients all over the world to find tailored solutions with regard to tax optimization and strategic wealth management, as well as the offshore company formation and the formation of foundations and trusts.

Offshore company formation in Liechtenstein

It is beyond question that Artha Trust has been guided right from the start by the two main principles, discretion and confidentiality. These two qualities are important cornerstones. But beside these qualities, the trust company recognizes the importance of a broad service, which includes every part and answers every question in terms of an offshore company formation in Liechtenstein, which may arise during the course of the foundation.

The offshore company formation in Liechtenstein is an effective instrument in various aspects – of course under consideration of the individual requirements and expectations of the clients. Clients can choose between several different legal forms for the offshore company formation in Liechtenstein, such as a trust settlement, establishment, incorporation or foundation. Every legal form serves a special purpose. Artha Trust consults its clients extensively, to find the most appropriate, reasonable and fitting solution.

Artha Trust in an expert in offshore company foundation in the Principality of Liechtenstein. If you have any questions about the eligible legal forms, services and costs of Artha Trust, as well as the fees and taxes in the Principality of Liechtenstein, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time. It would be a pleasure to consult with you; for example, about the formation of a trust settlement or a trust enterprise. The latter is a very versatile legal form. This adaptable instrument can be structured comparable to a corporation or a foundation. Irrespective to the legal form with regard to the offshore company formation in Liechtenstein, Artha Trust offers clients a most comprehensive service.