Trustee Liechtenstein

Artha Trust is a trustee in Liechtenstein with long experience in the consultancy of international clients and in the formation and administration of foundations, trust settlements, trust enterprises, establishments and companies limited by shares. Artha Trust offers clients individual organisational structures.

Trustee in Liechtenstein for international clients

As a concessionary trust company in the Principality of Liechtenstein, and as member of the Liechtenstein Association of Professional Trustees (Treuhändervereinigung), Artha Trust is a renowned trustee in Liechtenstein, with an outstanding and exceptional national and international reputation. Over the years, the trustee in Liechtenstein has had the privilege to support clients to find individual legal forms, according to the expectations and requirements of international clients. Guided by the principles confidentiality and discretion, Artha Trust was able to meet the client’s needs by establishing a foundation, a trust settlement or incorporation.

Artha Trust is a trustee in Liechtenstein, which is renowned for its comprehensive and broad services, including not only the foundation and administration of legal forms, but also the support for residency permits for Switzerland. Moreover, Artha Trust offers management consultancy to clients. The trustee in Liechtenstein is also recognized for its services with regard to the establishment of a family office.

Trustee in Liechtenstein: Artha Trust

Artha Trust can look back on a long, successful history as trustee in Liechtenstein and benefit at the same time from the exceptional business relations to resident banks and financial businesses. The team of Artha Trust devote themselves to the personal consultations with individuals, foundations, companies and families.

Within the scope of the Family Office, the consultancy on a family basis and the complete administration of family assets are our main focus. The family office manages the investment of the assets, together with the asset holder. Although Artha Trust is responsible for the administration of the fund, the holder decides himself on the strategic development.

It would be a pleasure to further consult you about the establishment of a foundation in Liechtenstein, a trust in Liechtenstein, a family office in Liechtenstein or any other legal form, in accordance with the national possibilities and regulations.