Foundation Liechtenstein

Artha Trust supports clients with the establishment of a foundation in Liechtenstein. This structure is a legal entity, without shareholders and partners. The founder transfers assets to the foundation and the foundation’s wealth is used for one or more beneficiaries, in accordance to the wishes and objectives of the founder.

The purposes of a foundation in Liechtenstein

There are several arguments for the establishment of a foundation in Liechtenstein. A foundation is an advantage under consideration of the following aspects:

• Succession planning
• Preservation of the family’s wealth over generations
• Special provisions for family members as well as third persons
• Financial support of family members for study or business reasons
Asset protection
• Charitable purposes
• Inheritance matters
International tax optimization

According to the national law of Liechtenstein, a foundation in Liechtenstein can be established for both private reasons, in order to protect the owner’s interests, and for charitable reasons, as a charity foundation as well as a combined institution. Irrespective of the type of foundation in Liechtenstein, it is not permitted to pursue commercial activities.

Effective succession planning

A foundation in Liechtenstein can be established with the declaration of intent of the founder, who defines the purpose and the beneficiaries of the foundation and who endows the capital. The establishment will be registered in the Public Register (Öffentlichkeitsregister) of the Principality of Liechtenstein. Since 2011 the Liechtenstein Foundation is referred to as a private asset structure, Privatvermögensstruktur (PVS).

A foundation can serve as an adequate and effective structure, to avoid, for example, the fragmentation of companies due to the legal order of succession. Conflicts and disagreements can be evaded. Moreover, it is a helpful instrument for the avoidance of a possible separation of an inheritance, which is especially important with regard to companies, properties and broad art collections. The trust company, Artha Trust, consults clients to find tailored and applicable solution for such matters, in consideration of the individual expectations and goals of the client. In this way Artha trust offers a full service relying on the long experience of the Vaduz trust company.