Family Office Liechtenstein

The Vaduz Trust company, Artha Trust, supports its international clients to manage investments and trusts for families, in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Due to its successful history as a Liechtenstein trust company and the outstanding relations with local banks and regional financial firms in Liechtenstein, Artha Trust offers international clients a comprehensive management of a family's personal wealth. Artha Trust consults clients in an exceptional, individual manner, in order to find tailored solutions, from the Family Office in Liechtenstein.

Family office in Liechtenstein

With regard to the family office, Artha Trust sets clear priorities and guiding principles, which include a personal consultancy and an ongoing support service. Furthermore, Artha Trust manages the family wealth by taking into account a holistic approach and foresight attitude. The trust company structures and manages the family wealth according to the special and individual expectations of the clients. In this way, the trust company can develop tailored solutions for the wealth management. Although Artha Trust manages the capital, the holder of the family’s wealth keeps his complete authority to decide over the strategic concept and alignment.

Artha Trust has many years of experience in family office services in Liechtenstein. The company in Vaduz provides services, in all legal and financial matters, to individuals and families. Artha Trust knows about the importance of long-sighted as well as clear-sighted financial strategy.

Asset preservation with a family office in Liechtenstein

Especially in times of global financial and economic crises as well as depth crises, which go along with currency fluctuations, volatile stock markets and increasing inflation, the family office in Liechtenstein is an excellent choice in order to protect the family wealth for future generations.

Artha Trust offers clients a comprehensive analysis of requirements and expectations, taking individual objectives into consideration. The renowned trust company advises and assists clients in all aspects of wealth management. It covers all parts of individual tax and succession planning. Artha Trust is a member of the “Liechtensteinischen Treuhändervereinigung” , which is the trust association in the Principality of Liechtenstein. Please find here further information about a family office in Liechtenstein.